About Telnames

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Telnames is based in London, United Kingdom, and provides professionals and businesses with a simple, low-cost service to help with online discovery and promotion.

We believe that professionals and businesses marketing themselves today need just two things.  The first is a simple online presence that they own, which is search and mobile-friendly and can be used as a point of contact for customers to reach them.  The second is the ability to easily promote their name or brand in as many places online that they can, to take advantage of the word-of-mouth effect of social networks.

Using the award-winning .tel domain, we provide our customers with a simple and effective place that they can own and update when they want.  They can then use this as a point of contact in all their online and promotional activities, knowing it will always be up-to-date and easy for customers to access, wherever they are, whenever they want.

We’ve simplified the process of buying, setting up and managing your own place online.  There are no hidden costs and everything you need to publish your information is included in one small annual fee. 

Telnames provides just what you need, and nothing you don’t.